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Qualifications–Based Selection (QBS) is a procedure designed to help owners find the most qualified engineer or architect for their projects. The QBS process provides an objective and common sense approach to selecting professional services. And it is competitive based on qualifications and competence in relation to the work to be performed.  QBS Wisconsin can be an invaluable resource to board members, committees and staff when planning for a project. The program also offers assistance to public owners in implementing a QBS process.

We provide, as a public service:
•  QBS Manual, including overviews, procedures, examples and useful forms.  
    QBS writable forms are included on this website.
•  Facilitator Services to help owners learn about the process, and train selection teams on proposal preparation and interview techniques.

When a public project is undertaken, the selection of an engineer or architect is one of the most important events in the process. At a fraction of the total cost, the architect/engineer’s performance can influence the entire course of the project – financial feasibility, public response, appearance, functional efficiency, construction cost, as well as operating and maintenance costs during the project's life.

QBS Tip of the Month
ACEC British Columbia has a great introduction to QBS video:

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