Chairman’s Award

Recognizing an individual for personal service made to or on behalf of ACEC WI

Each year we recognize an individual for personal service to or on behalf of ACEC Wisconsin. The nominee:

  • Must be employed by a member firm
  • Cannot be a current member of the ACEC Wisconsin Board of Directors

How to Nominate

Only a committee chair, board member, past chairman or chairman may make a nomination. It must include a written description that addresses the nominee’s service to ACEC Wisconsin on committees or through other activities. Stay tuned for 2018 Chairman’s Award details.


2018: Stephanie Christensen, PE

2017: Tom Pulse, PE

2016: Josh Straka, PE

2015: John Kissinger, PE

2014: Rose Morgan, PE

2013: Jeff Kronser, PE

2012: Marty Hanson, PE

2011: Jeff Kronser, PE

2010: Yash Wadhwa, PE

2009: Jeff Hanson, PE

2008: John Boldt, PE

2007: Rajan Sheth, PE

2007: Matt Richards, PE

2006: Frederick Halfen, CP

2005: Joan Petersen, PE

2004: Gil Hantzsch, PE

2003: Michael Schmidt, PE, AIA

2002: Richard Mauch, PE

2001: William Mielke, PE

2000: Charles Kopplin, PE