Help Inspire Future Engineers

Why Is STEM Outreach Important?   

Engineers are critical to providing our communities with critical infrastructure and moving the world forward, yet there’s a declining number of students entering the engineering field. The statistics say it all: We need more engineers. 

So how can you help?  Your expertise and passion for the engineering industry can inspire the next generation of engineers. Read on to learn how you can volunteer. 

According to a recent DiscoverE blog post, research shows that students' interest increases after meeting a STEM role model. 

74% of students don't know any engineer

Let’s Talk Engineering

The way we talk about engineering changes the way kids think about engineering.

  • Engineers solve problems.
  • Engineers change the world.
  • Engineers are creative.
  • Anyone can be an engineer!

water bottles with Engineers Make it Happen stickersShow How Engineers Make It Happen

ACEC Wisconsin is offering high-quality, vinyl “Engineers Make It Happen” stickers to bring for your STEM outreach and career fair events.

And, because ACEC Wisconsin also wants you sporting your engineering pride, you can also snag one for your own water bottle or laptop. 

Stickers can be found at upcoming ACEC Wisconsin events, or you can contact us to order stickers for classroom visits and other STEM outreach activities.

Engineers Make It Happen stickers are available in black, pink, blue and orange

How to Plan a Classroom Visit

Visiting a classroom can sound intimidating, but we’ve got you covered with resources to plan your visit, select an activity, talk about engineering, and share your good work.

Engineers Week is a great time to plan a visit, however, it’s not the only time to share engineering with students. Reach out to your local school to schedule your visit. Most teachers will be thrilled you’re bringing an engineering activity to their classroom and will be happy to work with you.

Get started!

Hands-on Activities for Any Grade Level

DiscoverE features a robust library of engineering activities with filters to search by grade level, topic, engineering discipline, and/or allotted time. Search for a civil engineering activity for middle school students or an environmental activity for second graders—you can choose your own adventure.

search for Engineering Activities

It is important to select grade-appropriate lessons and activities. The activities featured use low cost or free materials. Many also have lesson plans and print outs available for download.

Volunteer at STEM Events

Classroom visits aren’t the only way to inspire a future engineer. Sign up on your own or recruit a group from your office to volunteer for STEM focused groups and at local events. 

Share Your Involvement!

After you visit a classroom or volunteer at an event, share it! Your experience may inspire others to contact their local school or say "yes" to that volunteer opportunity.

  • Post on Social Media – Posting about volunteering is good for both your personal brand and company brand. Likes, comments, and shares expand the reach of your efforts.
  • Tell Your Firm – Reach out before you volunteer to potentially get additional resources, support, and volunteers for your activity.
  • Contact ACEC Wisconsin – We will help amplify your efforts through social media and make connections with others interested in STEAM outreach, where possible. And, because we’re passionate about engineering in the state of Wisconsin, we’d also like to track volunteer efforts and communities reached so we can continue to help support and grow this effort.