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Join us for an unparalleled journey in leadership and career development tailored specifically for Wisconsin's design professionals. Our program is designed to catapult individuals onto a trajectory of success in project management and principal positions. Over six immersive sessions, participants delve into the core aspects of leadership and the business of engineering.

Forge Lasting Connections

At the heart of our program lies the invaluable opportunity for relationship building. Through engaging sessions and dedicated networking time, participants form strong, enduring bonds, fostering the exchange of innovative ideas. Through this shared experience individuals cultivate a robust network of industry contacts. Plus, with each session featuring an overnight component, the networking continues beyond the classroom, encouraging participants to stay overnight and deepen connections.

Expert Guidance

Our lineup of presenters comprises a blend of seasoned professional speakers and esteemed firm principals. Guiding the group on their leadership journey is our experienced Class Advisor Jan Zander. Jan will offer practical guidance and real-world scenarios to encourage, challenge and mentor the group.

Transformational Sessions

Embark on a transformative learning experience through our comprehensive sessions:

  1. A/E Firm Leadership: Discover the essence of leadership, starting with self-awareness and extending to understanding others.
  2. Business Development and Marketing: Unlock the secrets to winning work and driving business growth.
  3. Running the Business: Navigate the complexities of running a successful firm with confidence.
  4. Risk Management for Future Firm Leaders: Learn to anticipate and mitigate risks, crucial for future leadership roles.
  5. Government Affairs 101: Gain insights into the intersection of government policies and the design industry.
  6. Work Life Balance for an Effective Leader: Achieve harmony between personal and professional life for sustained success.

Download the program brochure for detailed session descriptions. 

Personal Growth Pathway

Preparation and follow-up are integral parts of our program. Each participant develops a personal action plan, serving as a roadmap for their growth journey. To foster accountability and maximize personal development, participants are paired with accountability partners.
Don't miss this opportunity to unlock your full leadership potential and propel your career to new heights with the Leadership Institute.

Earn Professional Development Hours

Throughout the program, participants earn approximately 40 PDH credit hours. Program content fulfills the biennial ethics PDH credit requirement of two hours. 

Download Class of 2025 Brochure

Leadership Institute welcomes driven individuals who demonstrate exceptional performance and a commitment to excellence. The ideal candidates are those with the potential to lead projects, teams, offices, or even entire companies. While the program traditionally caters to professionals with six to 12 years of industry experience. Individuals from varied backgrounds and levels of experience are welcome and encouraged to apply.

  • Invest in the future of high-potential emerging professionals by providing them with the necessary tools and insights to excel in leadership roles.
  • Prepare employees transitioning into new roles managing people and projects, equipping them with the skills and confidence needed for success.
  • Reinforce existing skills, cultivate confidence, and expand the leadership toolbox of both new and seasoned leaders alike.

We welcome all professionals within engineering firms: engineers, architects, planners, historians, surveyors, as well as those in business development, human resources, and marketing roles. Our program is designed to embrace diversity and inclusion in all its forms, welcoming participants from diverse professional and personal backgrounds, including individuals of all genders, races, ethnicities, and identities.

To apply for the Leadership Institute, please download the application form. Completing and submitting the application form serves as both an individual and firm commitment to the program. Each applicant must have a principal sponsor within their firm, who commits to providing support for the applicant to attend and fully engage in each session. Leadership Institute's class size is limited. Applications will be reviewed by a panel based on the information provided in the application form, using the evaluation criteria outlined on the official Leadership Institute Class of 2025 Application Form.

Download the Application Form

Participants must be available for all sessions.

SESSION 1: Engineering Firm Leadership - Know Thyself Then Others
September 19-20, 2024

SESSION 2: Business Development & Marketing - What it Takes to Win Work
October 29-30, 2024

SESSION 3: Running the Business
December 4-5, 2024

SESSION 4: Risk Management for Future Firm Leaders
January 15-16, 2025

SESSION 5: Government Affairs 101 & Legislative Day
February 18-19, 2025

SESSION 6: Work/Life Balance for an Effective Leader
April 16-17, 2025

GRADUATION: Awards Banquet
May 2, 2025


Leadership Institute has 360 proud graduates. If you’d like an insider’s view from a participant, class advisor or principal sponsor, please contact Kelly Veit to learn more. Apply today to be part of the Class of 2025!

The application deadline is July 1, 2024.

Download Class of 2025 Brochure

Download the Application Form