December Conduit/WisPAC Update

Posted By: Andrew Heidtke Advocacy,

Thanks to our hardworking volunteers and contributors, ACEC WI was able to give more than $58,000 to candidates that support engineering in Wisconsin. Through grassroots fundraising, advocacy and voting, ACEC WI plays a substantial role in the political process. The end of the year is a great time to replenish your conduit or to start providing funds. With upcoming state budget negotiations, ACEC WI and its members will be heavily involved in political giving and advocacy in early 2019.

To get started (or to replenish), please view our Conduit/WisPAC page and join those already participating:

2018 Conduit Contributors
Contributors as of
December 21, 2018

Chairman ($1,000 or more)

John Boldt, Clark Dietz Inc.
Dave Brose, EMCS Inc.*
Phil Budde, Strand Associates Inc.
Stephanie Christensen, EMCS Inc.*
Fred Groth, GRAEF
Gil Hantzsch, MSA Professional Services Inc.
Bill Holder, American Engineering Testing
John Kissinger, GRAEF
Jeffery Kronser, Strand Associates Inc.
Rose Morgan, EMCS Inc.
Phil Ramlet, OMNNI Associates Inc.
Matt Richards, Strand Associates Inc.*
Rick Smith, raSmith
Tonia Speener, Clark Dietz Inc.
Scott Stearns, Strand Associates Inc.*
Mike Statz, MSA Professional Services Inc.
Stan Sugden, Ruekert/Mielke Inc.*
Paul Tarvin, Terracon Consultants*
Randy Van Natta, Becher-Hoppe Associates Inc.

President ($500 or more)

Rusty Chesmore, Mead & Hunt Inc.
Dennis Cooley, Strand Associates Inc.*
Chris Klein, ACEC WI
Tom Lynch, Strand Associates Inc.*
Bruce Ommen, Ayres Associates
John Rathke, Mead & Hunt Inc.
Doug Sina, JT Engineering
Amy Squitieri, Mead & Hunt Inc.*
Jill Treadway, JT Engineering
Ken Ward, Ruekert/Mielke Inc.*
Ken Williams, Ruekert/Mielke Inc.*
Jan Zander, Ayres Associates Inc.

Principal ($250 or more)

Justin Bilskemper, Strand Associates Inc.*
Joe Bunker, Strand Associates Inc.*
Shawn Cannon, Strand Associates Inc.*
Eric Hanson, Strand Associates Inc.*
Scott Hasburgh, Mead & Hunt Inc.*
Brandon Herbert, Strand Associates Inc.*
Chad Kopecky, Strand Associates Inc.*
Daniel Larson, American Engineering Testing Inc.
Kent Locy, Strand Associates Inc.
Mary Beth Pettit, GRAEF
David Rice, Strand Associates Inc.*
Zach Simpson, Strand Associates Inc.*
Josh Straka, Strand Associates Inc.*
Dave Way, Mead & Hunt Inc.*
Josh Woller, Short Elliott Hendrickson
Steve Wurster, Ruekert/Mielke

Professional ($100 or more)

Ryan Amtmann, Ruekert/Mielke Inc.*
Charles Bongard, MSA Professional Services Inc.
Joseph De Young, MSA Professional Services Inc.
Mustafa Emir, Clark Dietz Inc.*
Robert Harley, R.A. Smith National Inc.*
Luke Holman, Strand Associates Inc.*
Brian Kehrli, MSA Professional Services Inc.
Will Kratt, I&S Group
Jason Lietha, Ruekert/Mielke
Brad Reents, MSA Professional Services Inc.
Jesse Schreiner, Short Elliott Hendrickson
Sean Sullivan, Ruekert/Mielke Inc.*
Brian Veit, KL Engineering Inc.
Mike Williams, Strand Associates Inc.*
Pat Wohlers, Ruekert/Mielke Inc.*

* These individuals are participating in the automatic withdrawal program.

2018 WisPAC Contributors
Contributors as of December 21, 2018
Contributors ($100 or more)

Stephanie Christensen, EMCS
Bill Holder, American Engineering Testing
Chris Klein, ACEC WI
Jeffery Kronser, Strand Associates Inc.
Jason Lietha, Ruekert/Mielke
Rose Morgan, EMCS
John Rathke, Mead & Hunt Inc.
Dave Skaleski, WSP
Jill Treadway, JT Engineering
Disa Wahlstrand, Ayres Associates Inc.