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Good afternoon –

I am writing to you as co-champion, along with Rose Morgen of EMCS, of the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) Political Action Committee, or PAC.  I’ll get right to the point, as a state, Wisconsin is approaching our PAC fundraising goal for the year, but we need your help to reach it!  The easiest way to support ACEC’s advocacy mission is to purchase one or more sweepstakes tickets.  As with past sweepstakes, there will be 15 prizes awarded ranging from $1,000 on up to $10,000. There will be only 1,500 tickets sold at a price of $200 each (maximum of five per person per drawing), and they will sell out before the conference.  There are two easy ways to enter the Spring Sweepstakes TODAY:

  1. Click here to visit the ACEC PAC website, then select “Click Here to Access ACEC PAC”.  You will need your log in information, then select  “Contribute Today” along the right side of the screen, followed by “Spring Sweepstakes”.  Select Wisconsin from the map, and then you can enter your credit card information and you are done!


  1. Fill out the attached form and email it to

The drawing will be held on June 12th during the annual convention, but you need not be present to win.

For those wishing more of the backstory, here goes!  The PAC funds the advocacy mission of ACEC, which in turn is working to create a healthy environment for engineering firms.  I think we would all agree that we are currently in a healthy environment, but we still have numerous challenges that ACEC is working to address.  ACEC’s priorities in the current Congress include:

  • Reauthorization of the Airport Improvement Program
  • Water Resources Development Act
  • Aiding implementation and oversight of the IIJA
    • Promoting fixed-fee contracts
    • Pushing for escalation clauses that reflect economic realities
    • Improving the Build American/Buy American rules
    • Streamlining NEPA environmental reviews
  • PPP/FAR Credits clause in the Senate
  • Sec. 174 R&D Amortization repeal
  • Regulatory engagement
    • FTC ban on non-compete clauses
    • ESG and greenhouse gas reporting mandates
    • Overtime wage threshold
  • Workforce initiatives
    • Investing in STEM education
    • ACEC Job Board
    • Increasing H-1B visas and green cards and lowering the associated fees
    • Engineering and Public Works Roadshow


These are indeed good times, so there is no better time to give back.  We have to remain vigilant so that the progress we have made as an industry does not get undone. Thank you for your consideration. 

Gil Hantzsch, MSA Professional Services, ACEC PAC Co-Champion