Ephraim WIS 42 Streetscape

Posted By: Nick Becker Awards,

2020 Engineering Excellence State Finalist

Entering Firm: AECOM Technical Services Inc.
Client: Village of Ephraim

One of the beautiful towns of scenic Door County, Ephraim’s population fluctuates wildly based on the season. WIS 42 runs through the town and must be able to meet both the heavy tourist traffic needs in summer and the needs of residents year-round.

AECOM Technical Services knew that multi-modal design was a priority. Since many shops are located on the highway, access to those businesses by pedestrians was a major focus. The design team added a paved shoulder, curb and gutter alongside a new sidewalk to keep pedestrians safe and traffic moving. The lighting was improved and  standardized which allows for more traffic to businesses at night.

One of the largest challenges was crafting a construction schedule that met the needs of the road. Construction and
tourism season generally occur at the same time in Wisconsin; in this case, that was not an option. AECOM designed a schedule that finished most construction by Memorial Day and was fully open by July 1. This avoided the heaviest tourist times and reduced the impact to residents.

The new highway is no longer just a conduit for vehicles but a path for pedestrians going between shops, homes and the beach. The design team created a safe, efficient and modern street that welcomes everyone to Ephraim.

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