Final Session for the Class of 2019

Posted By: Kelly Veit ACEC WI News,

The Leadership Institute Class of 2019 met April 3-4, 2019 for its final session – Work/Life Balance for an Effective Leader. We kicked off with a panel discussion on the tricky topic of work/life balance. Stacey Keller, Mead & Hunt (Class of 2016); Rose Morgan, EMCS; and Mike Statz, MSA Professional Services shared insights and reflections. There were great tips, tricks and points to consider shared. Reframing the way we look at balance/integration and delegation were key takeaways for the Class of 2019.

The following day was a full agenda of entertaining and useful information. Jason Kotecki led us through a panel debrief and a discussion of the reading assignment, The Last Lecture. Jason returned later in the day to present on work/life balance and using tips from childhood to stress less and have more fun. Dr. Brian Udermann shared information on health, nutrition, stress management and sleep to help us have fun and function at a high level. And Diane Hamilton led us through a delegation workshop packed with techniques to successfully delegate and lead teams.

While the program took place after the graduation ceremony, it was full of great information and insights and was a fitting capstone to the program.

Information on the Class of 2020 will be available soon. Watch for details later this month!