January 2023 Advocacy Update

Posted By: Andrew Heidtke ACEC WI News, Advocacy,

Thank you to everyone who supported us through the major election of 2022! With your help, we contributed $100k to engineering-supportive candidates. With the election over, we are focusing on the biennial budget and passing important legislation. This all starts at Legislative Day where we make a major push early in the legislative cycle. After that campaign, we need to replenish our coffers for the next round; consider giving now so we can immediately make an impact in 2023! Check out the folks who stepped up in 2022. Click this link to join this list: Conduit/WisPAC Giving.

2022 Conduit & WisPAC Contributors

For 2022
Chair ($1,000 or more)

Dave Brose, EMCS Inc.*
Stephanie Christensen, EMCS Inc.*
Fred Groth, GRAEF
Gil Hantzsch, MSA Professional Services Inc.
Jeff Kronser, Strand Associates Inc.
Rose Morgan, EMCS Inc.
Matt Richards, Strand Associates Inc.*
Doug Sina, JT Engineering Inc.
Scott Stearns, Strand Associates Inc.*
Stan Sugden, Ruekert/Mielke Inc.*
Tonia Westphal, Clark Dietz Inc.*
Steve Wurster, Ruekert/Mielke Inc.

President ($500 or more)

Ryan Amtmann, Ruekert/Mielke Inc.*
Chris Bolle, Strand Associates Inc.*
Joe Bunker, Strand Associates Inc.*
Dylan Douglas, JT Engineering Inc.*
Bruce Ommen, Ayres Associates Inc.
John Rathke, Mead & Hunt Inc.
Amy Squitieri, Mead & Hunt Inc.*
Andy Walters, American Engineering Testing Inc.
Kenneth Ward, Ruekert/Mielke Inc.*
Jan Zander, Ayres Associates Inc.

Principal ($250 or more)

Justin Bilskemper, Strand Associates Inc.*
Shawn Cannon, Strand Associates Inc.*
Brian Chlopek, JT Engineering Inc.
Chad Halverson, KL Enineering Inc.
Robert Hanold, Jewell Associates Engineers Inc.*
Eric Hanson, Strand Associates Inc.*
Scott Hasburgh, Mead & Hunt Inc.*
Brandon Herbert, Strand Associates Inc.*
Luke Holman, Strand Associates Inc.*
Chad Kopecky, Strand Associates Inc.*
Randy Langer, Strand Associates Inc.*
Sue Leith, Ayres Associates Inc.
Kent Locy, Strand Associates Inc.*
Tom Ludwig, Foth Infrastructure & Environment
David Rice, Strand Associates Inc.*
Zach Simpson, Strand Associates Inc.*
Jeff Smith, Jewell Associates Engineers Inc.
Josh Straka, Strand Associates Inc.*
Brian Veit, Mead & Hunt Inc.*
Dave Way, Mead & Hunt Inc.*
Brian Wilson, EMCS Inc.
Richard Wohler, GPI Geospatial Inc.

Professional ($100 or more)

Jeff Bauer, Jacobs Engineering
John Elkin, raSmith
Mustafa Emir, Clark Dietz Inc.*
Jason Lietha, Rukert/Mielke Inc.
Rory Rhinesmith, SRF Consulting Group
Kevin Ruhland, MSA Professional Services Inc.
Chris Saxby, Foth Infrastructure & Environment
Ellery Schaffer, Jewell Associates Engineers Inc.
Ryan Schanhofer, KL Engineering Inc.
Paula Schultz, Strand Associates Inc.
Eric Sorensen, Ayres Associates Inc.
Sean Sullivan, Ruekert/Mielke Inc.*
Caleb Van Horn, JT Engineering Inc.
Disa Wahlstrand, Ayres Associates Inc.
Clark Wantoch, Wisconsin Concrete Pipe Association
Mike Williams, Strand Associates Inc.*

* These individuals are participating in the automatic withdrawal program.