June 2022 Conduit/WisPAC Update

Posted By: Andrew Heidtke Advocacy,

2022 is a major political year. The entire Assembly, half the Senate and the Governor are up for election. Plus, we're looking at a record number of retirements and thus new candidates winning elections. We're focusing our energy on fundraising for engineering-friendly candidates and starting our education efforts now. Check out the folks who have already stepped up in 2022. Click this link to join this list: Conduit/WisPAC Giving.

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2022 Conduit Contributors

As of 6.28.22
Chairman ($1,000 or more)

Dave Brose, EMCS Inc.*
Stephanie Christensen, EMCS Inc.*
Fred Groth, GRAEF
Jeff Kronser, Strand Associates Inc.
Matt Richards, Strand Associates Inc.*
Doug Sina, JT Engineering Inc.
Scott Stearns, Strand Associates Inc.*
Stan Sugden, Ruekert/Mielke Inc.*

President ($500 or more)

Chris Bolle, Strand Associates Inc.*
Joe Bunker, Strand Associates Inc.*
Bruce Ommen, Ayres Associates Inc.
John Rathke, Mead & Hunt Inc.
Amy Squitieri, Mead & Hunt Inc.*
Jan Zander, Ayres Associates Inc.

Principal ($250 or more)

Justin Bilskemper, Strand Associates Inc.*
Shawn Cannon, Strand Associates Inc.*
Chad Halverson, KL Enineering Inc.
Eric Hanson, Strand Associates Inc.*
Scott Hasburgh, Mead & Hunt Inc.*
Brandon Herbert, Strand Associates Inc.*
Luke Holman, Strand Associates Inc.*
Chad Kopecky, Strand Associates Inc.*
Randy Langer, Strand Associates Inc.*
Kent Locy, Strand Associates Inc.*
Tom Ludwig, Foth Infrastructure & Environment
David Rice, Strand Associates Inc.*
Zach Simpson, Strand Associates Inc.*
Josh Straka, Strand Associates Inc.*
Brian Veit, Mead & Hunt Inc.*
Dave Way, Mead & Hunt Inc.*
Brian Wilson, EMCS Inc.

Professional ($100 or more)

Mustafa Emir, Clark Dietz Inc.*
Sue Leith, Ayres Associates Inc.
Mike Williams, Strand Associates Inc.*

* These individuals are participating in the automatic withdrawal program.

2022 WisPAC Contributors

As of 6.28.22
Contributors ($100 or more)

Ryan Amtmann, Ruekert/Mielke Inc.
Jeff Bauer, Jacobs Engineering
Stephanie Christensen, EMCS Inc.
John Elkin, raSmith
Dylan Douglas, JT Engineering
Chad Halverson, KL Engineering Inc.
Robert Hanold, Jewell Associates Engineers Inc.
Gil Hantzsch, MSA Professional Services Inc.
Jeff Kronser, Strand Associates Inc.
Sue Leith, Ayres Associates Inc.
Jason Lietha, Rukert/Mielke Inc.
Tom Ludwig, Foth Infrastructure & Environment
Bruce Ommen, Ayres Associates Inc.
John Rathke, Mead & Hunt Inc.
Rory Rhinesmith, SRF Consulting Group
Kevin Ruhland, MSA Professional Services Inc.
Chris Saxby, Foth Infrastructure & Environment
Ellery Schaffer, Jewell Associates Engineers Inc.
Ryan Schanhofer, KL Engineering Inc.
Paula Schultz, Strand Associates Inc.
Doug Sina, JT Engineering Inc.
Eric Sorensen, Ayres Associates Inc.
Stan Sugden, Ruekert/Mielke Inc.
Sean Sullivan, Ruekert/Mielke Inc.
Caleb Van Horn, JT Engineering Inc.
Disa Wahlstrand, Ayres Associates Inc.
Andy Walters, American Engineering Testing Inc.
Clark Wantoch, Wisconsin Concrete Pipe Association
Kenneth Ward, Ruekert/Mielke Inc.
Tonia Westphal, Clark Dietz Inc.
Richard Wohler, GPI Geospatial Inc.
Steve Wurster, Ruekert/Mielke Inc.
Jan Zander, Ayres Associates Inc.