Leadership Institute Promotes Holistic Development and Work-Life Balance

Posted By: Kelly Veit ACEC WI News,

Class of 2024 enjoys the presentation.

The Leadership Institute Class of 2024 met for its sixth and final session, Work-Life Balance for a successful leader. This module brought together experts and industry leaders to explore various dimensions of personal and professional well-being.

The day commenced with an insightful session titled "Improve Your Health. Improve Your Balance," led by Brian Udermann, PhD. Attendees delved into the correlation between physical health and overall balance, gaining practical tips on integrating healthy practices into their daily routines.

Sheng Lee Yang, LCSW, from Us 2 Behavioral Health Care, presented "Advancing Workplace Mental Health." Yang shared eye-opening statistics while shedding light on the importance of prioritizing mental health in the workplace.

Panelists share work-life balance tips.

A highlight of the event was the panel discussion on Work/Life Balance featuring Leadership Institute program graduates. Amanda Inman, PE (Ayres Associates), Raine Gardner, PE (MSA Professional Services), Jamie Stahulak, PE, PMP (HDR), and Aaron Steger, PE (KL Engineering) shared their insights and experiences, addressing the challenges and opportunities in achieving a harmonious balance between professional commitments and personal life.

The theme throughout the program and highlighted by the panel is the importance of delegation. Sean Spromberg, PE (MSA Professional Services), delved into effective leadership strategies, emphasizing the importance of understanding different leadership styles and delegating tasks appropriately to empower teams.

The event concluded with a thought-provoking session by Jason Kotecki from Escape Adulthood, titled "Work/Life Balance for an Effective Leader." Kotecki inspired the Class of 2024 to embrace a mindset of playfulness and creativity in their leadership roles, underscoring the significance of finding joy and fulfillment both at work and in life.

Participants left the Leadership Institute with valuable insights and practical tools to enhance their well-being, lead with authenticity, and strike a healthy balance between professional and personal spheres.
We look forward to celebrating the Class of 2024 at the ACEC Wisconsin Awards Banquet on April 26. 

The search for the Class of 2025 begins in May. Stay tuned for additional information about this popular and transformative leadership experience.