Lessons Learned in Marketing and Business Development

Posted By: Kelly Veit ACEC WI News,

The Leadership Institute Class of 2023 met November 2-3 for its second session – Business Development & Marketing: What it Takes to Win Work. Veteran A/E marketing expert Barbara Shuck provided a roadmap for business development and marketing. Barbara presented business development strategies, tips for writing winning proposals and how to deliver successful presentations.

To put their business development skills to the test, the Class of 2023 participated in a mock sales call exercise. Teams strategized their approach to the exercise then participated in a simulated meeting. To lend reality to the meetings, volunteers played the roles of clients with varying personalities and interests. The candid debrief comments were open, honest, and offered fantastic insights.

Many thanks to our volunteer clients:
  • Carrie Bristoll-Groll, PE, CFM; Stormwater Solutions Engineering
  • Kris Cotharn, PE, LEED AP, IMEG Corp.
  • Rory Rhinesmith, PE; SRF Consulting
  • Chris Stamborski, PE; raSmith
  • Uriah Wolfe, PE, SE; GRAEF

A key piece to winning work is the ability to write and present clearly and effectively in proposals and interviews. Presentation coaching honed presentation skills through practice and feedback.

Key takeaways:
  • We’re in a relationship business.
  • Ask open ended questions. Be curious. Be authentic.
  • Good writing is good editing. Simplify!

Next up for the Class of 2023, we’ll get out our calculators and focus on Running the Business.