New Year. New Strategic Plan.

Posted By: Kelly Veit ACEC WI News,

2022 was the year of planning. 2023 is the time to implement our Strategic Plan. 

The process resulted in:
  • A contemporary vision for ACEC Wisconsin.
  • A refreshed and simplified organizational mission statement.
  • Four impactful focus or goal areas.

Member feedback and involvement are critical to our success. We encourage you to get involved by joining a committee, attending an event, contributing to our political giving program, and reaching out with questions or issues

Our Board of Directors and Committees are developing goals and action plans to bring the plan to life. 

We encourage members to download our Strategic Plan infographic or one-page document and share with your team. 

Step 1: Survey & Research

Early 2022
Professional survey of members and committee members

Step 2: Retreat

May 2022
Representatives from the Board of Directors, Committees, Members and Staff gathered in Green Bay to work with a professional facilitator.

Step 3: Approval

July 2022: Board approves vision, mission, and focus areas
November 2022: Board approves goals and metrics.

Step 4: Committee Goals & Implementation

The plan is a living document intended to be regularly revisited and assessed by the Board and Committees.

Download the Infographic