Revitalizing Kentucky and River Streets in St. Croix Falls: A Success Story

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Written by Tyler Hastings, PE, CBS Squared Inc.

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The City of St. Croix Falls was faced with multiple challenges in the Kentucky and River Street area, including difficult turning movements, drainage issues, and the need for a trail to connect two parks. CBS² was brought in to address these issues and create a functional and visually appealing solution.

A before and after shows a dangerous roadway transformed to include parking.Addressing Turning Movements

The intersection of Kentucky and River Streets had been designed to prevent cars from sliding into homes, but it made turning movements extremely difficult. CBS² presented the City with two options to address this issue. The first option was to create a new right turn lane on City-owned land, but the steep terrain on the hill made this extremely difficult. The second option was to purchase property and realign the road, which was ultimately chosen. The road was shifted south to create a T-intersection that does not line up with any homes, making turning movements much easier.

Solving Drainage Issues

The City was also experiencing drainage issues due to the steep hill, flat grades, and bedrock. CBS² addressed this by changing road grades on River Street and adding new storm structures, pipes, and treatment areas. To reduce the number of stormwater inlets needed, CBS² engineers coordinated with ADS engineers to utilize a product called Duraslot Slotted Drain Pipe for gutter line application. This area previously did not have stormwater controls, so a filtration basin and infiltration basin were installed to treat stormwater prior to discharge to the St. Croix River.

Designing a Trail System

In addition to the road and drainage improvements, the City wanted a trail designed to connect two parks. CBS² designed an ADA compliant lighted trail that connects the Interstate Park trail system and the City trail. Building this on a steep, rocky hill required a system of 5 landscape walls to be designed and installed. These walls follow the natural curve of the hill, showcasing the natural beauty of the area into a visually appealing, functional design. A second benefit of the wall system was the addition of a new parking area, providing more spots for downtown businesses and trail users.

Removing Lead Jointed Pipe

During construction, lead jointed water main was discovered on Kentucky Street. A Change Order was immediately issued, and the 2 blocks of lead jointed pipe were removed. While the City had not experienced issues with lead in their drinking water, this will reduce the chance of potential issues in the future.

Adding Value to the Community

A secondary benefit of this project was the use of the improved area to host the City's annual Wannigan Days festival. Power outlets and a water hook up were installed to recruit vendors and food trucks to use this area during the festival.

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Tyler Hastings, PE is an accomplished civil engineer with over 13 years of experience in project management and design, with expertise in municipal engineering and stormwater regulatory compliance at CBS Squared Inc. Tyler is a member of the ACEC Wisconsin Leadership Institute Class of 2024. 

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