Update on WisDOT Fixed Fee

Posted By: Chris Klein ACEC WI News, Advocacy, Industry News,

Increase to WisDOT Fixed Fee

Good Morning,

As many of you know, ACEC Wisconsin has been working with WisDOT for years to pay us a fair and reasonable fee for our services. One component of that is the fixed fee. There are many factors to consider when comparing Wisconsin’s fixed fee to other states to ensure an apples to apples comparison is conducted. However, it has become clear that we are falling behind in what could be considered “fair and reasonable” especially when it comes our neighboring states.
Beginning January 2024, the base fixed fee will increase to 8.25%. We are very appreciative of our partnership with Secretary Thompson and his team at the Department.
The engineering industry is Wisconsin has a proud tradition of providing top-notch service to our clients, and while we deserve top-notch compensation in return, we often receive less. To remain competitive to neighboring states, ACEC Wisconsin has stressed the importance of this level of compensation to Secretary Thomspon. The Secretary has a clear understanding of fairness for both public engineers and the private sector. We have worked diligently together to find a path forward for both.  
We will continue to work to provide a thriving industry in Wisconsin and thank the Department and the Secretary for leading the way.