2024-25 Membership Dues Invoice Addendum


Sponsorship is an excellent way to show your support for ACEC Wisconsin and highlight your firm. Discounts are available when creating your custom sponsorship package. Please see the Sponsorship page for details. 

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Voluntary Contribution - Support the Minuteman Fund

The Minuteman Fund helps ACEC National fight legislative and legal battles on the state level. It represents one of the most direct ways in which ACEC provides assistance to state member organizations, like ACEC Wisconsin, for local battles of national importance. It has been used successfully for a host of initiatives nationwide to defend our front-line business interests. With your support, we will continue to build up the Fund and use it aggressively. 

How to Contribute

Additional contributions may be added to your dues payment. Simply note how to allocate your additional contributions or contact Kelly Veit for a revised invoice showing your voluntary contribution. 

Minuteman Fund Details

Dues Information

ACEC WI Bylaws provide: dues shall be paid within 30 days. Contributions or gifts to the American Council of Engineering Companies of Wisconsin and the American Council of Engineering Companies are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. However, they may be tax deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses subject to restrictions imposed as a result of association lobbying activities.

  • ACEC Wisconsin estimates its nondeductible portion of your 2024-25 State Dues to be 31%.
  • ACEC estimates the nondeductible portion of the 2024-25 National Dues, that portion which is allocable to lobbying, is 28%.
  • Any voluntary check off contribution to the ACEC Minuteman Fund, in the opinion of ACEC General Counsel, should not be considered eligible for a tax deduction as a business expense.
Index Number

The ACEC Wisconsin and ACEC National  annual dues/assessments are based on an index number, which is determined by the total number of personnel employed by the firm including all principals, engineers and support staff. The index number is determined in the spring each year based on the number of employees reported during the membership verification process. The index number is multiplied by the dues rate to determine the annual dues.

Fiscal Year 2024-25 Dues Rates
  • The ACEC Wisconsin and ACEC National Fiscal Year runs July 1 - June 30. 
  • ACEC Wisconsin dues are $643.47 per index number
  • ACEC National dues are $457.47 per index number
  • ACEC National rate for a single person firm is $587

The total annual dues obligation is not changed (up or down) during the year, even though the firm’s number of employees may change significantly. The one exception is that if a member firm’s circumstances change to such an extent that it becomes a financial hardship for the firm, there are provisions in the ACEC Bylaws and ACEC Wisconsin policies that allow the firm to petition for an interim dues adjustment. Application forms for a “hardship” request must be approved by both ACEC Wisconsin and ACEC.