ACEC Statement of Support for Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity in a Difficult Time

Posted By: Andrew Heidtke ACEC National News, ACEC WI News,

ACEC issued the following statement regarding the current national conversation. We echo this sentiment as we strive to break down barriers in engineering and related fields. Our strategic plan includes a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion and we continue to work within our profession to create a warm, welcoming culture rich in diversity.
ACEC Statement of Support for Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity in a Difficult Time
Washington, DC - The American Council of Engineering Companies released the following statement of support for equity, inclusion, and diversity in America: 
“The engineering profession has always been grounded in integrity, fairness and service to community. Engineers build communities. We create space and by extension, we create social experience. We support equality and respect for all humankind. We believe in providing equitable opportunities within our profession to support untapped potential both within our workforce and within the communities we serve. And we have the power to foster progress by breaking down the physical barriers that can inhibit economic and social equity. 

Those are the principles that guide our community through this difficult time. Through ACEC we will embrace inclusion and diversity and continue to focus our members on ways to lift people up to become their best selves and to make our companies models of the values we embrace.” 
The American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) is the business association of the nation’s engineering industry. Founded in 1906, ACEC is a national federation of 52 state and regional organizations representing more than 5,600 engineering firms and 600,000+ engineers, surveyors, architects, and other specialists nationwide. ACEC member firms drive the design of America’s infrastructure and built environment.