City of Kenosha Storm Water Improvements

Posted By: Kirsten Grimes Awards,

2022 Engineering Excellence State Finalist

Entering Firm: Ruekert & Mielke Inc.
Client: City of Kenosha

In 2017, the City of Kenosha was hit with catastrophic flooding with almost eight inches of rain in two days. The odds of this happening are 0.5 percent in any given year. After the immediate safety and environmental concerns subsided, the city wanted a way to deal with this level of rainfall better.

Ruekert & Mielke has a long-standing relationship with the city. The firm had already reviewed the client’s stormwater infrastructure and this information helped shape the response. The biggest project was a 90-acre flood control facility. It will divert floodwaters in times of heavy rain to keep from spilling over onto streets and into basements. The large space is expected to significantly mitigate flooding risks. The facility itself replaces an abandoned engine plant and has been incorporated into overall redevelopment plans for the neighborhood.

The team also targeted a specific area that experienced the worst flooding and designed a 50-acre stormwater detention and flood control facility that will directly minimize flooding for the Gangler sub-basin and protect nearby neighborhoods. The project will also improve water quality for the area.

Even with such a low risk for such flooding events, the City of Kenosha was proactive and is now prepared to deal with major rainfall, thanks to the thorough planning by the design team.

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