Collins Street Parking Lot Reconstruction

Posted By: Ryan Wallace ACEC WI News, Awards,

2023 Engineering Excellence State Finalist

Entering Firm: Baxter & Woodman Inc.
Client: City of Oconomowoc

The City of Oconomowoc owns a large parking lot that facilitates access for business patrons. It’s an important part of the community’s commitment to a dynamic downtown. However, the aging surface pooled with standing water after any major rainfall making the lot unusable for days. This was an environmental issue too because the untreated runoff drains to nearby Lake Fowler.

Baxter & Woodman used refined design techniques to address every issue. These refinements started with an extensive public outreach campaign to explain how the design would meet community needs.

A large bioretention basis lies at the core of the design. By using it with a redesigned lot surface, the pooling issue was solved. Now the water runs off to the basin instead of sitting on the lot. The basin naturally treats the polluted runoff n before sending it onwards to the system and into the lake. The basin design also avoids impacts to nearby businesses, preserving the dynamism of the area.

The new parking lot has more parking spaces, even with the addition of the basin. The design team crafted a solution that met the client’s needs and delivered significant savings too.

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