CTH N Reconstruction

Posted By: Ellery Schaffer Awards,

2021 Engineering Excellence State Finalist

Entering Firm: Jewell Associates Engineers Inc.
Client: Crawford County Highway Department

A vital road in Crawford County, CTH N was beset by problems. The crash rate nine times greater than the statewide average and the effective speed on the road was less than 20mph. The road was also prone to flooding. When the existing pavement needed to be replaced, the county highway department decided on a more radical change.

Jewell Associates Engineers designed solutions for every issue. By restructuring pavement and grade, the overall road design was shifted and brought to modern design standards. This allows for greater speed in this segment as well as lowering the overall crash rate. The changes also created space for a bike lane. Modern drainage and extensive ditching protects the road from flooding and preserves access during all seasons.

One of the main concerns for residents was that nine separate driveways connected with the road in a small area. The design team took this into account and shifted the road design. With that shift, business and residential access was preserved and many of the driveways were moved off to side streets.

The new road is safer, more user-friendly and provides local drivers with easy access to businesses and homes.

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