Enhance Your Membership with ACEC Trusts

Posted By: Kelly Veit ACEC National News,

ACEC's Trust Programs enhance your membership investment by helping to control your firm's costs. Programs are available for business insurance, life/health insurance, and retirement plans.

The ACEC Trusts partner with reputable administrators and plan providers that offer valuable services with quality and competitive prices. In addition to providing business savings, these programs make for an attractive employee retention program in which individual employees benefit from your ACEC purchasing power.

Business Insurance Trust

The Business Insurance Trust provides business and professional liability insurance coverage. The BIT offers policyholders ACEC-exclusive tailored coverage along with broad policy terms and conditions.

Life/Health Trust

The Life/Health Trust has a broad network of providers, plan options, and value-added services as we strive to make engineering the healthiest industry in the United States.

Retirement Trust

The ACEC Retirement Trust allows any size firm to have enormous buying power.

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