Register for our Diversity & Inclusion Development Series

Posted By: Andrew Heidtke ACEC WI News, Diversity & Inclusion,

ACEC Wisconsin is partnering with National Speakers Association of Wisconsin member Deborah Biddle to deliver a four-part diversity and inclusion development series

Four learning modules will focus on deepening inclusive behavior practices, enhancing workplace relationships and building cultural fluency. As a result, participants will become more effective engaging diverse talent as well as improve their own value and mobility within the organization. They will learn how to navigate the workplace culture, how to better interact with colleagues and managers, and how to better contribute to the team and organization.

The program is designed as a four-part series. Individuals may opt to attend individual modules and not the entire series. There are single session registration rates, four-session package rates, and special rates to offer unlimited registrations for staff within member firms.

Learning Modules:
  1. Why Diversity and Inclusion Matters: January 31
  2. Understanding Bias: February 10
  3. Preventing Workplace Microaggression: April 7
  4. Inclusive on Purpose: May 9

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