Repair/Renovate B29, Jefferson Barracks ANGS


2019 Engineering Excellence Award | State Finalist

Entering Firm: Mead & Hunt Inc.
Client: Jefferson Barracks Air National Guard Base
Category: Structural Systems

The Jefferson ANGB was looking to expand operations and decided to reuse some older buildings on the base. Unfortunately, these buildings did not meet current Department of Defense (DOD) codes and needed significant restructuring before the buildings could be used.

Mead & Hunt focused on renovating Building 29. Originally designed as a cavalry barracks in 1898, its most recent usage was as unheated storage. The primary challenge was installing a structural framework into the building while preserving the historical design and character. This was accomplished by placing a steel endoskeleton inside of the building using more than 2,000 rods. This provided significant structural support that met DOD guidelines and provided enhanced earthquake resistance in a tectonically active area. The design team also implemented quality of life improvements to convert the building from storage to office, training and maintenance space. With modern amenities and substantial HVAC overhaul, the building now has 23,000 square feet of space for the base to use.

The historical significance of the building required smart design choices to preserve the exterior. Mead & Hunt installed a modern “skeleton” for the building which meets current standards and still preserved the outside. The expanded space for the base allows operations to continue.

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