Pump Station 15 Sustainable Improvements


2019 Engineering Excellence Award | State Finalist

Entering Firm: Baxter & Woodman Inc.
Client: Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District
Category: Waste and Storm Water

Most water infrastructure goes unnoticed – the pipes, pumps and treatment plants that underpin the system are hidden from view and contained in nondescript buildings. In this case, Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) decided to make one of their pumps a forward-facing project that would engage the public while fulfilling its standard work.

Baxter & Woodman designed a pumping station to replace Pump 15, located next to one of Madison’s busiest boat launches. The new station is substantially more efficient than before and incorporates updated controls, better accessibility and improved electrical equipment. This allows the pump station to better service a growing area of the city and extends the pump’s overall life cycle. The station incorporates green infrastructure elements that increase sustainability. And because the launch is a public area, the new plant has public amenities to serve the users of the launch and an adjacent bike path. The plant has information that explains its purpose and highlights the importance of water infrastructure for everyday life.

The team used a relatively mundane pump station improvement project to integrate the site into public life. The education provided, along with public-facing amenities, allows visitors to directly benefit and understand the importance of the pump station and provides MMSD with another opportunity to work with Madison residents.

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