Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

Posted By: Caleb Weber ACEC WI News, Awards,

2024 Engineering Excellence State Finalist

Entering Firm: Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc.
Client: City of Hudson

The City of Hudson faced with a crucial decision: rebuild or renovate its wastewater facility to meet treatment requirements and the community’s future needs. The ambitious project aimed to extend the facility's life, enhance treatment efficiency and align with environmental goals.

Short Elliott Hendrickson’s collaborative approach began with a comprehensive feasibility study. Opting for a renovation on the existing site, the project featured innovative design solutions to upgrade treatment processes, ensuring compliance with current permit limits and future growth projections.

The completed project features a UV disinfection system for improved safety and efficiency, a new pretreatment building, and facility-wide equipment replacements. The compact and unique site, bordered by the St. Croix River and surrounded by roadways and private properties, demanded creative and innovative solutions. By repurposing old facilities, the improvements fit into the compact space. The design team added aesthetic elements to help the facility blend into the surrounding community.

The team's partnership with the city facilitated the implementation of creative solutions, ensuring stakeholder engagement and project success. The revamped WWTP is now equipped to meet regulatory standards as the community continues to flourish.

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