Wisconsin Rapids Riverside Park

Posted By: Scott Whitsett ACEC WI News, Awards,

2023 Engineering Excellence State Finalist

Entering Firm: Jewell Associates Engineers Inc.
Client: Mead Witter Foundation

The Wisconsin River is a vital resource for the City of Wisconsin Rapids. In addition to its economic benefits for the region, the river is a beautiful attraction for residents and visitors. Once a historical site, an important piece of real estate along the river sat underutilized as a parking lot. Instead of bringing people in, it sat mostly vacant.

Jewell Associates took the lead on designing the layout and structures in the park and executing construction. The rocks used for construction and decoration match the rocks found on both banks of river. Looping walkways match the meandering flow of the river and provide unique viewpoints throughout the park. A plethora of local plants and trees beautify the park and treat stormwater runoff.

The key point of the park is an arch bridge in the center. The bridge mimics a historic structure and is in the style of the rest of the park and city. The bridge is the centerpiece of over 900 feet of pathways within the park, maximizing recreational opportunities for users.

Wisconsin Rapid’s newest park takes negative space and turns it into a positive for the community. The park is a source of beauty and an attraction welcoming people to experience the Wisconsin River.

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