Kentucky and River Street Improvements

Posted By: Tyler Hastings ACEC WI News, Awards,

2023 Engineering Excellence State Finalist

Entering Firm: CBS Squared Inc.
Client: City of St. Croix Falls

Anyone who has survived Wisconsin winter knows that a road like Kentucky Street can be menace. The road sloped steeply downwards with houses at the bottom making it dangerous when snow-covered. Even in other seasons, the degraded road surface and underlying bedrock created drainage issues.

CBS Squared went beyond the basic solutions to create an out of the box plan. The path of the road was adjusted at its intersection with River Street to dramatically increase safety. With the new path, the road grade was modified to be substantially safer. Adjusting the path also allowed the area to be connected to the city’s trail system. This enhancement improves quality of life for residents.

Even during construction, the design team was nimble with their changes. The shallow bedrock created a good foundation for the road but inhibited drainage. During design, the team created a stormwater utility plan but found that field conditions weren’t suitable for implementation. The team designed a new stormwater utility in the field that fixes the drainage issues.

The new improvements to this roadway delivered immediate results for residents. Instead of sliding down a sharp hill, drivers can better navigate Wisconsin’s snowy winters.

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