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Posted By: Andrew Heidtke Member News,

Ayres Associates is pleased to announce that John Davis, PE, PTOE has been certified as a Road Safety Professional in the inaugural class for this new certification. Read the full press release below:

'John Davis, PE, PTOE, supervisor of traffic engineering services at Ayres Associates, has passed the examination to be certified as a Level 1 Road Safety Professional (RSP) by the Transportation Professional Certification Board. Taken in October 2018, this was the inaugural exam for this new certification.

The goal of the certification is to provide a means for road safety experts to prove their requisite knowledge, with which they protect the lives of the traveling public through their multidisciplinary safety approach. It is hoped that the RSP certification serves as a catalyst for greater attention to road safety in university curriculum and through continuing education.

Level 1 RSP certification is aimed at a broad audience of transportation professionals from the engineering, motor vehicle, behavioral, law enforcement, and emergency response communities. The goal is to ensure these individuals have foundational knowledge of all of road safety’s multidisciplinary dimensions.

Davis plans to attain Level 2 certification, whose exam will become available this year. Level 2 is directed at transportation professionals whose primary focus is in the practice of road safety. Level 2 certificate holders need to pass a second exam that demonstrates a deeper level of understanding and proficiency in the application of road safety science. The exam will target transportation professionals responsible for developing and implementing engineering or behavioral programs aimed at reducing the number of fatalities and injuries due to road crashes.

“Traffic and road safety is a concern for every town, village, city, county, and state,” Davis says. “The RSP certification demonstrates that we have the competency and experience to address these safety issues for a community.”

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