Protecting Engineering Through Advocacy

Posted By: Chris Klein ACEC WI News, Advocacy,

As the legislative session quickly comes to an end, there is always the last minute rush to pass stalled legislative proposals. I want to assure you that ACEC WI continues to advocate in support of the industry and will protect the standard of professional engineer licensure and our MEP engineers. As you know, we successfully amended the Interior Designer legislation to protect engineering. We have consistently had three demands of the legislation –

  1. We need the legislation to clearly state that Interior Design does not constitute the practice of professional engineering
  2. We need the legislation to clearly state that an Interior Designer cannot affect the structural and mechanical systems of a building and
  3. We need the legislation to restrict an Interior Designer from impacting any “life safety” systems of a building.

As this legislation moves through the process of the end of session, the architects and interior designers continue to work to find compromise, which we support. ACEC WI will continue to assure the final outcome meets our three requirements above.
Thank you for all your help and effort to protect the industry and please let me know if you have any questions.