STH 23

Posted By: Brad Groh ACEC WI News, Awards,

2023 Engineering Excellence State Finalist

Entering Firm: JT Engineering Inc.
Client: Wisconsin Department of Transportation

The state highway at the heart of the City of Darlington was rapidly failing. Increased demand was crushing a transportation corridor suffering from an outdated design, frequent flooding, and crumbling pavement.

JT Engineering took charge of the situation and got to work. They worked closely with local stakeholders to create a plan to preserve access during construction, including keeping open the only bridge connecting the town’s two halves. The staged design allowed the team to add multi-modal accommodations without disturbing the historic downtown.

The team reconstructed the entire stormwater system and added in additional flooding mitigation basins. A smart design solution of inline check valves in the stormwater pipes prevents overflow from going back up the pipes and dumping into the road.

One of the largest hurdles that the team dealt with was the pandemic and its ensuing supply chain issues. This increased materials prices, slowed down delivery and affected staffing levels. Throughout, the design team coordinated closely with the client to manage stakeholder needs.

Darlington’s new corridor blends right in with the city’s historic features and delivers a high standard of quality. Residents and visitors benefit from modern design, refreshed pavement, and flooding mitigation.

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