Madison Beltline Flex Lane Receives Grand Award

Posted By: Andrew Heidtke ACEC WI News, Awards,

Entering Firms: HNTB & Strand Associates
Client: Wisconsin Department of Transportation

And the 2023 Engineering Excellence Award goes to HNTB, Strand Associates, and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation for the Madison Beltline Flex Lane!

The Madison Beltline carries more than 130,000 vehicles a day and is the crucial transportation for the region. The aging corridor needed repair and a solution for peak hour congestion.

The “flex lane” uses the road shoulder as an extra travel lane during peak hours. The solution delivers quicker results at a much lower cost than traditional lane expansion.

The flex lane improves peak travel time by 30-40 percent on Madison’s busiest corridor with no changes to overall safety. This innovative solution has paid big dividends for users.

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About the Grand Award

The Grand Award was announced during the April 28th Awards Banquet. The awards judges selected this entry as the project best representing the spirit and criteria of the Engineering Excellence Awards. The Madison Beltline Flex Lane is a fine example of the many ways that engineering improves safety and the quality of life in Wisconsin.

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